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Mẹ cần làm gì nếu trẻ hay thức đêm?

What should I do if my baby is up at night?

Many children often have difficulty falling asleep or staying up at night, falling asleep… this has a big impact on their physical, health and intellectual well-being. Therefore, when children often stay up at night, mothers need to pay attention to the following tips to help children sleep well.

  1. Children stay up at night due to hunger

Newborns need to be fed several times, night or day. Breastfed babies digest faster than formula-fed babies. Therefore, the baby easily wakes up at night due to hunger for milk. At this time, depending on each child, the mother has hourly feedings at night because at this stage the child is completely dependent on breast milk. If the mother does not have enough milk, you can give the baby extra formula after feeding to ensure fullness.

For older children, pay attention to your child’s diet or drink milk before going to bed. Note that children are also thirsty, so they need to keep a small bottle of water in the room when they need to mix some hot water so that they do not get cold.

  1. Tips to cure babies who are often awake at night due to confusion between day and night.
    What should I do if my baby is up at night?

What should I do if my baby is up at night? In a certain period, the baby’s sleep-wake cycle is reversed, so there is a state of staying up at night, sleeping during the day, making parents tired and exhausted. This situation is easy to improve, but if parents do not pay attention, it is very easy to form a habit and parents have a hard time looking after their children at night. Now you need:

Try to keep children awake during the day for a long time, then at night they fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply. After feeding, you should play with your child for a bit and then lull him to sleep so that the child can form a habit.

– Mothers should not neglect to let children sunbathe to set biological clocks for children to understand what day it is. Sunbathing also helps children to increase metabolism, vitamin D, avoid yellowing of the skin… Mother can let children sunbathe at 6-7am, then stop and put them indoors with light or light, don’t bathe too much. Long time there will be harmful UV rays.

– During the day, avoid factors that make the baby sleepy: like hugging bears, singing lullabies, listening to music… avoid letting children sleep a lot during the day.

– Turn off the lights or leave the light on in the bedroom: the light is so strong that the child will wake up and think it is daytime, so they will wake up.

Put your baby in the crib: You can put your baby in the crib with soft, warm pillows, creating a feeling of comfort and peace of mind for your baby to easily fall asleep.

– Sometimes children stay up at night due to poor health, illness, constipation, flatulence… You should take your baby to a physician to check and have an appropriate treatment regimen.

– Many children like to sleep with their parents due to their familiarity, so they can initially separate the bed but in the same room and encourage the child. When I get used to it, I start to separate the room.

– If the baby is exposed to many stimulants during the day or before bed, it can be easy to lose sleep because the child’s nervous system is very sensitive. Mothers note to avoid the use of stimulants when breastfeeding also affect or use coffee, tea … as food for children also has its own stimulation.

The fact that the baby is up at night can only happen for a short time, but the baby still loses strength and the parents are also tired. So try to improve this situation, don’t let it last too long and have a bad effect on children and parents!

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